Forthcoming: Ensemble Park

Forthcoming: Juste Milieu

Translations, Gobshite Quarterly: https://www.gobshitequarterly.com/

Monica is the creator of The Augmented Reality Poetry Machine. The Augmented Reality Poetry Machine debuted at MIT’s Hacking Arts conference in 2019, and was sent to Earth’s moon in 2021.

A locative, site and time based interactive installation, the project is an ongoing exploration of participatory making, performance writing, emergent technology, and relational aesthetics.

XR Poetry

“Mange Bien,”

by Monica Storss

Monica Storss, 2024

Spatial Audio


“How I Go Into The Woods” by Mary Oliver

Monica Storss, 2023

XR, Spatial Audio, Spatial Text


“Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver

Monica Storss, 2024

XR, Spatial Audio, Texture Pack, 360 Video, Text, Green Screen


Monica Storss fine-tunes AI models and engages in creative writing with them. She has trained models on her own poetic corpus, and is exploring multiple projects related to writing with Large Language Models.