Education & Social Justice

Emergent Technologies in Education

Monica focuses on Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, and Artificial Intelligence in educational and social justice contexts.

She creates and leads workshops and programs for corporations, thought leaders, teachers, individuals, and organizations. She has worked with Intel, MIT, HP Inc, Northeastern University, UNM Taos, STEMarts Lab and others.

My passion lies in building inclusive learning pathways that bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and diverse end users. My core mission is to democratize tech by creating learning engagement opportunities for individuals of all skill levels. No-code solutions are a particular area of interest for me, as they provide a valuable entry point for those new to tech. By designing engaging learning experiences that cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and technical fluency, I empower learners to not only utilize these advancements but also critically analyze their impact and potential. There are four pillars upholding my approach:

Technology as a Tool:  I am passionate about demystifying cutting-edge technologies.  My learnings, programs, and workshops are designed to foster deeper understanding and exploration of technologies for personal, pedagogical, creative, or professional use.

Project Based Learning: In my AR and AI workshops, I move beyond theory. Born out of my work at MIT in Invention Education, my programs, workshops, and courses promote a project based learning approach, empowering learners to gain skills and understanding through direct experiential engagement and application.

Scaffolding Learning: LMS, Instructional Design, Online Pedagogy: Technology potentiates human capability, and Systems for Learning are an exemplar of this. I love Learning Management Systems, and delight in helping organizations implement and leverage online learning for maximum impact and scalability.

Effective Communication: My background as a writing instructor allows me to emphasize clear and concise communication as an aspect of learning. Exploring emergent technologies for communication is part of my praxis as a creative technologist.